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ddd-2.0 compilation in HP-UX 10.20

From: Rosa Medeiros
Subject: ddd-2.0 compilation in HP-UX 10.20
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 19:55:37 -0500


I'm trying compiling (make) ddd in an HP-UX machine, see:

$ uname -a
HP-UX wwnbh00x B.10.20 A 9000/782 2007545319 two-user license

$ gcc -v
Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20/
gcc version

$ ld -V
ld: 92453-07 linker linker ld B.10.28 971016

But I encountered an problem at the point bellow.

        c++  -g -O -o ddd-2.0-hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20 ddd.o compare.o     cook.o        glob.o        hash.o        rxclass.o     sigName.o     strclass.o    SignalB.o     TypeInfo.o    UniqueId.o    MemCheck.o    Range.o    IntIntAA.o    StringA.o     StringMap.o   StringSA.o    VoidArray.o   WidgetSA.o   Agent.o       AgentM.o      AsyncAgent.o  ChunkQueue.o  DataLength.o  HandlerL.o    LiterateA.o   TTYAgent.o   converters.o  events.o      findParent.o  fileSBF.o     longName.o    verify.o      Delay.o       DestroyCB.o   ExitCB.o      HelpCB.o      MString.o     MakeMenu.o  printBox.o    AlignBox.o    ArcBox.o      BinBox.o      Box.o         BoxD.o        BoxExtend.o   BoxPoint.o    BoxRegion.o   BoxSize.o     ColorBox.o    CompositeB.o  DiagBox.o     DummyBox.o    FixBox.o      FontFixBox.o  FontTable.o   HatBox.o      LineBox.o     ListBox.o     MarkBox.o     MatchBox.o    PrimitiveB.o  SlopeBox.o    StringBox.o   THatBox.o     TagBox.o      TrueBox.o     ArgNode.o     BuiltinCN.o   CallNode.o    ConstNode.o   DefCallN.o    DummyNode.o   LetNode.o     NameNode.o    ListNode.o    TestNode.o    TrueNode.o    VSEFlags.o    VSLBuiltin.o  VSLDef.o      VSLDefList.o  VSLErr.o      VSLLib.o      VSLNode.o     VSLRead.o     layout.o      BoxGraphN.o   Graph.o       GraphEdge.o   GraphEdit.o   GraphGC.o     GraphNode.o   HintGraphN.o  LineGraphE.o  PannedGE.o    PosGraphN.o   RegionGN.o    ScrolledGE.o args.o        buttons.o     cmdtty.o      configinfo.o  comm-manag.o  commandQ.o    complete.o    ctrl.o        dbx-lookup.o  disp-read.o   editing.o     exectty.o     exit.o        file.o        filetype.o    gdbinit.o     graph.o       history.o     hostname.o    logo.o        manual.o      mydialogs.o   obscure.o     options.o     post.o        print.o       question.o    resources.o   sashes.o      settings.o    shell.o       show.o        source.o      status.o      string-fun.o  value-read.o  windows.o     wm.o          xconfig.o     ArgField.o    BreakPoint.o  BreakPM.o     CodeCache.o   DataDisp.o    DispBox.o     DispBuffer.o  DispGraph.o   DispNode.o    DispNodeM.o   DispValue.o   GDBAgent.o    PosBuffer.o   SourceView.o -L/usr/lib/X11R5 -L/usr/lib/X11R4   -L/usr/contrib/X11R5/lib -L/usr/lib/Motif1.2  -lXm  -lXaw -lXmu -lXext -lXt  -lX11   ../librx/librx.a ../termcap/libtermcap.a /usr/lib/liby.a ../libiberty/libiberty.a -lm

gcc: /usr/lib/liby.a: No such file or directory
*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1


Additionally, my machine only have the shared version of liby, see:

$ ls -l /usr/lib/liby*
-r-xr-xr-x   1 bin        bin          12288 Jun 10  1996 /usr/lib/liby.1
lrwxr-xr-x   1 root       sys             15 Apr 14  1999 /usr/lib/liby.sl -> /usr/lib/liby.1

I tryed to make a link from /usr/lib/liby.1 to /usr/lib/liby.a but it doesn't work. It exhibited me an error from lad below. I really didn't believe that this trick will function, but I tried anyway

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
/usr/bin/ld: Invalid loader fixup for symbol "_XtInheritTranslations".
*** Error exit code 1

*** Error exit code 1


And now, how can I proceed ?

Thanks in advance,

Rosa Cristina Martins de Medeiros
Research and Development UNIX System Administrator
Nortel Networks - Brazil Technology Center
Phone:          +55 19 3705-7599        (ESN:  694-7599)
Fax:    +55 19 3705-7873        (ESN: 694-7873)
Email:  address@hidden

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