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DDD 3.1.3

From: Delfosse Jérôme
Subject: DDD 3.1.3
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 12:06:35 +0100

I'm using DDD 3.1.3, i was really happy to found a debugger clear on my
Linux version(suse)...
But it still exist some problems. I.E.:

The reading of values isn't totaly easy...
I think it could be interresting to let the user choose the kind of
Simply by strings, or by your graphical showing...

I also have a problem when i try to watch a value inside a variable, and
when this variable was assign by another variable...

The last one is : when i trace, "next" by "next"(step by step)...
The cursor pass after some instructions like assignements,..etc and come
back. After it return etc etc..
The traitement is not "sequencial" all times...(It disturbs me)...

Else it's a very good product...



PS:Perhaps you already correct some of my bugs report, but here, i don't
have a full acces to the net, then i didn't download your last

PS bis:I'm consultant and the reply address of this e-mail, is mine at
the client society...(I'll finish my mission next week...)

Delfosse Jérôme
ICQ:2068404 - AOL:StDJe - MSN:dje_jay
own:address@hidden - work:address@hidden

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