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DDD 3.2.1 (x86-pc-nto-qnx) gets Xt error

From: Mark Hinton
Subject: DDD 3.2.1 (x86-pc-nto-qnx) gets Xt error
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 11:55:38 -0500

In debugging our C++ application, I was stepping (with NEXT) through a simple 
operation. On reaching the closing brace and pressing NEXT, the DDD "Oops" 
alert appeared with the message "X Toolkit Error: cannot perform realloc". On 
pressing HELP, the "Oops! You have found a bug in DDD" help dialog appears. If 
I attempt to continue the debugging session, and press NEXT again, the entire 
UI locks up, suggesting that the X support for QNX Neutrino's Photon windowing 
system has in some way locked-up Photon without causing a memory protection 

Then I attempt to view ~/.ddd/log, the OS informs me that filesystem corruption 
was encountered; all other files in ~/.ddd are intact and accessible. A tar of 
~/.ddd is attached, as is a core dump of the process.

Although the application being debugged does not run correctly yet, it does not 
crash or generate exceptions when run without the benefit of a debugger.


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Mark Hinton
Senior Advisory Engineer
Bell & Howell Mail and Messaging Technologies
Durham, North Carolina

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