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[Fwd: DDD 3.3 install on IRIX, small VSL problem]

From: Zdenek Sekera
Subject: [Fwd: DDD 3.3 install on IRIX, small VSL problem]
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 11:07:13 +0100

Sending again, not sure if it got to address@hidden
Maybe it wasn't the right place to send it anyway...


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: DDD 3.3 install on IRIX, small VSL problem
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 14:52:31 +0100
From: Zdenek Sekera <address@hidden>
Organization: Silicon Graphics
To: ddd <address@hidden>


I have installed ddd 3.3 on SGI IRIX (6.5.8) using SGI MIPSpro 7.3
(latest) CC & cc compilers. I had to use gmake, forgot exactly why
but I think if I use SGI make then 'make check' will recompile
for some reason quite a large number of routines, 'gmake' doesn't
do that.

The installation was absolutely flawless, congratulations to
such a spectacularly clean install !

Small nit: I am talking about the 'real ddd' part, the 'readline'
and 'libiberty' still spits some warnings that make me a little
uneasy as to what do they really mean, but I trust they are harmless.
Couldn't somebody from GNU finally fix them ???

I have small problem, more irritating than harmfull: when I start
ddd I always get a small popup window with the title and message
inside as follows:


DDD: VSL messages

The VSL interpreter failed:
../vsllib/builtin.vsl:110: 'font(box, font)' already defined


I have, of course, no idea what does it really mean (never got
anything like this in previous releases) so I'd appreciate
some hint as to how can I get rid of it. If you need more install
info to solve that, just let me know.

Again: very beautiful release, hats off!


Zdenek Sekera / address@hidden       Scalable Platforms Group
VNET: 557-4844                      Silicon Graphics SA
Tel : +41-22-710.4844       18, Ave. Louis Casai, 1209 Geneva
Fax : +41-22-710.4860                   Switzerland

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