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tty /dev/pts/1 failure while invoking GDB

From: Hitesh N Brahmbhatt
Subject: tty /dev/pts/1 failure while invoking GDB
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 01:18:03 -0800


I am trying to run DDD I installed from my SuSE Linux distribution and
it says GDB
could not be started in a message box and when I press the Help button
on that it
says :

If GDB could not be invoked due to some communication failure, try
changing .blockTTYInput

This seems to be the most likely cause. But, my GDB work fine if I start
it from command
line or in XXgdb. But, in "ddd" it shows "Running GDB (pid 4736, tty
/dev/pts/1)...Exit 1.
which I assume means it could not open /dev/pts/1. I don't know what
that means and how to
fix it?

Can you help ? I am not sure if this is a bug or something wrong with my

Thanks and best regards,


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