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Re: ddd 3.3 - some toolchest buttons not working

From: Andreas Zeller
Subject: Re: ddd 3.3 - some toolchest buttons not working
Date: 22 Feb 2001 10:47:09 +0100
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Zdenek Sekera <address@hidden> writes:

> This is ddd 3.3 running on IRIX 6.5 (SGI) using SGI dbx.
> When I startup ddd and open the program, the toolchest
> (the little box with buttons that appears by default in the
> source window) has 3 buttons grayed out: until, undo, redo.
> I can't check anymore but I am pretty sure at least 'until'
> worked on some previous ddd version (maybe 3.2.91).
> I tried to find out from the log (attached) what could be the
> reason for refusing the 'until' button, however, the dialog
> in the log seems sensible to me.
> What could be the reason? How to fix it?

Simple: `until' is not a valid command in DBX, so DDD grays out the button:

> -> "help until"
> <- "Invalid keyword until"

Andreas Zeller     Universitaet Passau

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