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vsl error in ddd 3.3

From: Kenneth Gole
Subject: vsl error in ddd 3.3
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:06:03 -0500


I just built ddd-3.3 for Linux (vanilla Redhat 6.2 running on a Pentium 120
Mhz) using the following configure:

configure --enable-builtin-app-defaults --enable-builtin-manual
--enable-builtin-news --enable-builtin-vsllib

It configures and builds correctly, but when I try "make check", ddd gives
me a popup saying:

The VSL interpreter failed: ../vsllib/builtin.vsl:110: 'font(box, font)'
already defined

My ~/.ddd/log file contained the following details:

#  VSL: ../vsllib/builtin.vsl:110: 'font(box, font)' already defined
#  VSL: ../vsllib/fonts.vsl:38: font(box, font): (this is the previous

Any clue what's wrong here? I'd really like the optional builtins enabled,
so please let me know what to do or if this is a known bug. Thanks!

Ken Gole             T/L: 855-2344     Phone: (607)755-2344
email:  address@hidden        Internal:  address@hidden
Lotus Notes ID:   Kenneth Gole/Endicott/IBM @ IBMUS

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