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(no subject)

From: help-centre
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 19:04:38 +0300

We ask You not to throw out this letter, but to read it all to the end. (IT IS NOT SPAM - WE NEED YOUR HELP AND ANSWER)

Today many people had responded to our request- help to poor, sick, homeless and victim persons. Thanks to God today many people still have a heart and kind soul. We appeal to You to help the people, which asks help in our fund. The St.Vladimir fund was founded attached to church. Thanks to You we do help poor people, small parentless children, whole families- victims of natural disaster, medical needed people, all of the people who needs any help addresses to us, and thanks to Your sacrifices we have a possibility to give them a hand of help. We won't refuse You to help or cooperate if it is possible. Please be mercy and generous, cause there are many people from different countries and regions who needs Your help. Beneath we will place our account where You can transfer sacrifices, even if it is quite small sum, this is a real help. Do not forget that if today You do not require the help, it isn't known what tomorrow will be. Thank to You for Your help and understanding.

God bless You.

1. Mail adress: 02225, Ukraine, Kyiv, p.o.box #112, The St.Vladimir fund

2. The current account where You can transfer Yours sacrifices for charitable activity (usd doll):

Beneficiary's bank:         Saving Bank of Ukraine (OSCHADBANK)
                SWIFT:            COSBUAUK
Correspondent account:  # 04-095-334
                                        with BANKERS TRUST COMPANY, New York, USA
                SWIFT:            BKTR US 33
Beneficiary's name:        St.Vladimir
Beneficiary's account:     # 0010503798
                                        Pechersk department 3715
                                        Kreschatik st. 6, KIEV / Operating
                                        ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT
                                        KIEV, CiTY 390139012

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