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Re: Status of reported bugs?

From: Arnaud Desitter
Subject: Re: Status of reported bugs?
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 11:36:18 +0100 (BST)


> PS. Another question: One of my applications is 60 MB with debug information.
>     Gdb needs some time to read in the symbols table etc. But with DDD the
>     loading takes three times as long (at least). Why? What kind of initiali-
>     zation takes place within DDD? I just hate waiting 3 Minutes (on a Sparc
>     Ultra 2 with 1G of RAM) for DDD to fire up ... ;-)

There is a memory leak in vsl-gramma.Y up to ddd 3.3.1 that may explain it.
Please try ddd 3.3.1 with the patch appliedn to see if that improves.

This patch is available in:


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