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Problem with implementing DDD on Linux

From: Ian Upton
Subject: Problem with implementing DDD on Linux
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 10:24:07 +1100

I am attempting to implement DDD as follows:

Red Hat Linux 7.1

I have had two problems the first of which was fixed by installing
lesstif-0.93.12 (there was no prior lesstif on the system)

The next problem is a failure to find "-lXm" 

The failure message suggests that I should use "--with-motif-lib and
--with-motif-includes" to point to the directories.

I presumed these were /usr/lesstif-0.93.12/lib and include. There even
appears to be an "Xm" file in /lib.

if I use the "--with-motif-lib" the CONFIGURE process still fails with the
"-lXm' error abd aslo complains that it the
"--with-motif-lib=/usr/lesstif-0.93.12/lib" ia an unknown directory or file.

Any help appreciated. Any information about what ddd is trying to do around
the failure would help. Lots of arcane script in there.

Thank you, Ian Upton, Melbourne Australia.

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