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ddd configure problems

Subject: ddd configure problems
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 22:31:27 +1100

Help required.
I am attempting to load ddd onto my system. It fails with errors shown in the attached files.
Environment is : Intel type processor, redhat linux 7.1.
                        Lesstif 0.93.12 libraries (installed OK, I think)
in directory /usr (as root)
gunzip ddd-3.3.1.tar.gz
tar -vxf ddd-3.3.1.tar
I then have  /usr/ddd-3.3.1 and executed ( as specified in http:/www.bnu.org/ddd )
./configure --with-motif-include=/usr/lesstif-0.93.12/include/Motif-2.1 --with-motif-lib=/usr/lesstif-0.93.12/lib/Xm-2.1; make
The configure in /usr/ddd-3.3.1/ddd fails with the error shown below and in  the attached file (ddd-configure-display)

configure: error: The Motif library '-lXm' could not be found.

Please use the configure options '--with-motif-includes=DIR'

and '--with-motif-libraries=DIR' to specify the Xm location.

See the files 'config.log' and 'ddd/config.log' for further diagnostics.


I simply cannot understand the code around that area. I have inserted some echos to display some variables but the arcane natire of BASH (and Unix at that level) is simply beyond me.

The section of the code from /ddd-3.3.1/ddd/configure is also attached (file = ddd-partial-configure) , this shows what appears to be the decision that is causing the problem as follows:

if { (eval echo configure:8534: \"$ac_link\") 1>&5; (eval $ac_link) 2>&5; } && test -s conftest${ac_exeext}; then

Could someone please explain what is being tested here???? And if possible how to get-around/fix/whatever the problem is!.


Thank you, Ian Upton, Melbourne Australia.



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