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Letter from Russia ...... Happy New Year !!!

From: natoosya
Subject: Letter from Russia ...... Happy New Year !!!
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 18:07:26 +0600

Russian girl (2.2 years old ) very need your support !!!...

Her name is Natasha (she is only 2.2 years old) .She lives in Russia . 
She needs in guiding surgical operation (inherent defect of heart ).
This operation is not free - for treatment needs 1850 $ 
Family of baby find this amount - unfeasible !!! 
Without this sum of money , nobody else wants to help ... 
WE turned to different organisations for help , but we alwayas received the 
same answer : "we have a list of people to help "...
Time is running... The doctors is going to operation!!!
Therefore our family has decided will address to you: 

Please help!!!! 
You are our last hope!!! 

Please help this girl to learn(find out) other, more high-grade and happy 
Help her to become healthy!!!


Banking account:

Intermediary Bank Code: ABNAUS33 
Intermediary Bank: ABN AMRO Bank, New York 
Beneficiary Bank Acc: 574074590141 
Beneficiary Bank Code: IINDRUMM 
Beneficiary Bank: International Industrial Bank , Moscow 
Beneficiary Acc: 30112840377012253301 
Beneficiary: International Media Bank, Podgorica 
account number : R-6378-5437-8845 
For : Semynova N.Y. 

Your any help (even 50 $ ) is the first step to treatment of baby !!!
For little girl - you are last hope!!! 
Please Help !!!! 

See http://natoosya.hut.ru

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