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DDD "Features"

From: Allen King
Subject: DDD "Features"
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 15:50:40 -0500

   I've been using ddd now for over a year on RedHat 7.1 and 7.2, and
find it a very useful tool.  There are however a number of little
anoyances which seriously detract from its usability.  Perhaps they
can find their way into a newer rev.

1. I always want the file | open_sources box to have the suffix .cpp,
   and be large (30-50 lines).  Ddd always opens it with null suffix
   and few lines, and I always spend time with this mundane task.
   Could ddd remember the suffix and size in its preferences?

2. Would love to make the openSources sequence take fewer
   mouse-presses.  Can I move a keystroke or something?  I remember
   Think-C had a bunch of neat things, like a ".h" button on each ".c"

3. Often when I change the sources and recompile, ddd/gdb still uses
   the old sources.  The only recourse I know of is to exit ddd and
   reenter. Is there a "reread sources" functionality hidden

4. Ddd/gdb often gets wedged, spending 100% of the cpu cycles doing
   something -- my guess is reading symbol tables.  The only recourse
   I have is to kill ddd and gdb.

5. When a breakpoint is hit, the source code where the PC is often
   isn't displayed.  Up 0 is often required.

6. Single stepping takes significant time (like 2-4 seconds/
   instruction).  This is on a 400MHz machine.  This is with
   checkpoints (backup) set to zero (off).

7. Would love to have real emacs/xterm editing keys in the debugging
   window.  It's probably in there, but I have yet to figure out how
   to do it.

GUI Interface Issues:  A group of issues revolve around the GUI/ddd
interface, which seems a little "clunkey", both in terms of its laggy
performance and non-flawless interface.

8. When using the scroll bar to scroll down sources, the screen goes
   mostly white, only displaying sources when the dragging stops.
   Most editors don't do this, and it makes it hard to "surf"/search
   for areas of code by their visual paterns.

9. When I go to lasoo text in the command window, a) I can't use the
   standard left click at the start, right at the end X metaphor, and
   b) it only scrolls the window down in a little margin near the
   bottom, and takes quite a while to get down.

10. There often is text lasooed in the cut buffer which isn't in the
   origional window.  Often the problem occurs if I scroll off the
   bottom of the command buffer (if I stop earlier than the bottom,
   usually okay). Sometimes it picks up the top of the cmd buffer,
   sometimes extra text is appended after the last thing lasooed.

11. I double click in source window on "subroutineName".  What gets
   highlighted (as black) in the window is "subroutineName((const",
   but what gets pasted is just "subroutineName".

   I hope this helps you improve ddd.  Please write me if you need any
more information.

 Allen King

           781-248-6897 cell
           781-449-3359 home
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