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Build problem - HAVE_STREAMPOS

From: Chuck Hartley
Subject: Build problem - HAVE_STREAMPOS
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:55:02 -0500


I ran into a problem while building DDD. The .configure did not set
HAVE_STREAMPOS correctly (i.e. it was not defined, but should have
been). I just installed the latest versions of GCC (3.0.3) and gdb
(5.1). When I tried to build DDD 3.3.1 I got a compile error in
logplayer.C relating to streampos. I found that it was being defined in
streampos.h and then trying again with the real definition in fstream.h.

Apparently, .configure looks for streampos to be defined in iostream.h,
but with this version of GCC it is defined in fstream.h, which isn't
checked. On my system it is located in

I don't know how autoconf works, so I couldn't fix it there. I did get
DDD to build by manually defining HAVE_STREAMPOS.


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