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ddd: bug in Ddd.ad.h when compiling with --enable-builtin-app-defaults

From: Zdenek SEKERA
Subject: ddd: bug in Ddd.ad.h when compiling with --enable-builtin-app-defaults
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 16:38:25 +0100
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The generated Ddd.ad.h has a problem at line 149:

       is: O veryCompact=\\n\
should be: O veryCompact=\\n",

the problem can be seen only when compiling with

The workaround is:
- ./configure
- change the line above as indicated
- gmake --enable-builtin-app-defaults

This, of course, only masks the real error which is probably
somewhere in Ddd.in and/or Ddd.in.m4, but I do not have time
right now to go further.

Zdenek Sekera               | address@hidden
LHC Computing Grid Project  | tel:   +41-22-767.1068
CERN - IT Division          | fax:   +41-22-767.4900
CH-1211 Geneva 23           |
Switzerland                 |

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