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Compilation failing on latest ddd and Mandrake Linux 9.0

From: Steve Bridges
Subject: Compilation failing on latest ddd and Mandrake Linux 9.0
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 15:22:20 +0000
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I don't know if this might be fixed in the unstable version, but the current 
stable release fails to compile on a stock Mandrake 9.0 system (gcc 3.2). I 
thought it was worth mentioning since I noticed a few people having similar 
problems in the ddd mailing list archive.

I've tracked down the problems and it looks like the configure script is 
incorrectly detecting HAVE_IOSTATE and HAVE_STREAMPOS.

It falls over in streampos.h, at the lines:

typedef long streampos;

at the end of the file. Commenting out the typedef line gets it past this 

Secondly, it falls over in strclass.C, function istream& operator>>(istream& 
s, string& x) at the lines:

    ios::iostate new_state = s.rdstate();
    int new_state = s.rdstate();

Commenting out all except the line 'ios::iostate new_state = s.rdstate();' 
makes things compile straight through and ddd now works.

I don't really know my way around 'configure' so I can't dig much deeper into 
this, but if you need any more info or copies of any files, feel free to mail 

Hope this report is of use, and thanks to the ddd team for a great piece of 

Steve Bridges
Perl/C++ programmer

Output of ddd --configuration:
GNU DDD 3.3.1 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
Copyright (C) 1995-1999 Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig, Germany.
Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Universit├Ąt Passau, Germany.

Compiled with GCC 3.2 (Mandrake Linux 9.0 3.2-1mdk), GNU libc 2.2
Requires X11R6, Xt11R6, Motif 2.1 (GNU/LessTif Version 2.1 Release 0.93.34)
Includes Athena Panner, DDD core
Built 2003-01-09 by Steve Bridges <address@hidden>.

GCC compiler version (gcc --version):
gcc (GCC) 3.2 (Mandrake Linux 9.0 3.2-1mdk)

GDB version (gdb --version):
GNU gdb 5.2.1-2mdk (Mandrake Linux)

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