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WHOLE.SALE SOFTWARE - Autodesk, Corel, XP, Adobe - Acme gs

From: Check it- Windows OS for less
Subject: WHOLE.SALE SOFTWARE - Autodesk, Corel, XP, Adobe - Acme gs
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 19:30:46 -0300


we have just launched our annual clearance sale for computer software.

our prices are incredibly lower, 
about 200 to 400 percent off on retail prices

please take a look at some of our software titles

available and ready to ship to your doorstep, 
we also offer you Easy Downloadable delivery Spftware

windows xp professional 2002, 50 dollars
adobe photoshop 7.0, 60 dollars
microsoft office XP Professional 2002, 60 dollars
corel draw graphics suite 11, 60 dollars


looking forward to hear from you
Earnest Guzman

Thanks but no thanks:

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