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Re: DDD insists on opening session: problem in pre_main_loop line 2280 o

From: Chris van Engelen
Subject: Re: DDD insists on opening session: problem in pre_main_loop line 2280 of ddd.C
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:54:43 +0200
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On 04/06/05 18:22 Chris van Engelen wrote:<br>

I'm using DDD 3.3.10 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8, and having a problem
with sessions.

Every time I startup ddd, it uses session 110a0a008b000111280421000000083400058

After reading the manual, sections 2.3, I tried everything to delete the 
deleting it in file-> save sessions, making [none] default etcetera.

But then I startup again, and again ddd uses session 
In this session I also lose all history.

Well, I'm a software developer, so I started debugging the debugger.
The problem is caused by lines 2277-2283 in ddd.C, function pre_main_loop:

 #if XtSpecificationRelease >= 6
    // Synchronize SESSION_ID and APP_DATA.session
    if (session_id == 0)
        XtVaGetValues(toplevel, XtNsessionID, &session_id, XtPointer(0));
    if (session_id != 0)
        app_data.session = session_id;

After executing the call to XtVaGetValues, the session_id is suddenly set to:

(gdb) print session_id
$20 = 0x40d410 "110a0a008b000111285601500000083400074"

So this is the session which is then being opened by ddd, and causing the 
Could it be that there is another application on my Gnome desktop using
a resource called "sessionID" (which is the value of XtNsessionID in the call
to XtVaGetValues) ?

I'm not really good in this X stuff, so could anybody give me some pointers
on how to solve this, besides just removing the lines 2277-2283?

Chris van Engelen
AimSys bv
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 35 689 1935

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