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RFP and Meet the Grantmakers

From: Tlfoundation
Subject: RFP and Meet the Grantmakers
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 02:37:53 EDT

Dear Nonprofits:


The Tu Luong Foundation is accepting proposal for “reality grantmaking” competition.  Please submit via email before June 10.  We accept proposals for any projects.  There are no services or location restriction. However, we do not make grants for scholarships and individuals.  Finalists will be selected for public review by a panel of judges at our Grantmakers-Grantseekers SuperConference.  Nonprofit(s) with high scores will receive a small grant from us for up to $3,000.  There is no need to register for events to submit proposal.  For more information about how to submit proposal or register for our events please visit our website. 



We are also pleased to present two of the summer great events:


Grantmakers-Grantseeker SuperConference

SuperConference begins with online workshop series begins on June 13 and end at with one day meeting at Seattle Pacific University on August 17.  Workshops include: “Meet the Grantmakers,” Grants, Fundraising, Technology, Marketing, Media, “Reality Grantmaking,” and Nonprofit Community Video (actual film making).


Meet the Grantmakers: A Live and Interactive Grantseeker’s Travelogue

Beginning June 24, we will travel 8,000 miles across America to interview grantmakers and bring them to your desktop via the Internet. You can meet and ask the grantmakers any questions.  Almost all webshows are live and interactive (some are video-on-demand).


Today, the economic downturn, foundation belt-tightening. . . In this highly competitive grantseeking environment, how can you improve your chance? Register for our events and find out!  The registration fee is $250 per event (or both events for $425) before May 15.Again there is no need to register for event to submit proposal.


Thank you,



Tan M. Lam

Tu Luong Foundation

22409 16th Avenue S.

Seattle, WA 98198



http://members.aol.com/tlfoudation (backup)

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