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From: Gen Sunny Charles
Subject: REPLY ME
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 22:45:03 +0100

Dear Sir,

I will like to aquaint my self with you.For
your benefit, I am a retired army general, and a
former medical director with the military.My recent
appointment as the Personal Doctor (Specialist 1) to
the President of Nigeria leaves me with little time to
attend to other personal duties.

The Presidential protocol is heavy upon me at the moment.Before now
I have US$7 Million kept in a depository company in Paris which I
intend to use in purchasing a good property as well as
investing the rest in a viable business when I
relocate to the US.If you are the actual owner,
I will like to deal directly with you to enable me
seek for your resourceful advice over my investment
needs while in the US - come July. In view
of the above, I will like to entrust you with clearing
of this fund from its depository venue on my behalf
and lodge it in a good bank account till my arrival in
early July.It is here I will kindly seek your
indulgence in assisting me by clearing the deposited
funds from its depository company in Paris, France.

Like I have earlier said, I am indisposed at the moment due to the
nature of my assignment as the Special Presidents private doctor.
You can obtain interest at this period before my arrival.

After clearance, you will deduct what is yours and
keep the rest in the account you will nominate to
lodge the fund. I will be very delighted if you agree
to assist me in this way. All the depository documents
are authentic and notarized. There is also an
Irrevocable Power of Attorney,which empowers you to
execute and make clearance of the deposited funds
on my behalf. I will send these documents to you for
your perusal.

In this regard, you are now a friend and I am reposing my confidence
in you in all my dealings with you. I will be very convenient to
proceed in this way.

Gen. Sunny Charles.


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