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Your order (#bypsobyxbn)

From: Jackson
Subject: Your order (#bypsobyxbn)
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 20:53:35 -0500

Cialiis Sofft Tabs acts up to 36 hourss!

Siimply disoolve haalf a tablet under your tongue 15minuutes beefore <%sexx>.

All orders willl be processeed and disppatched witthin 24hrs.
The recommennded dose for most peoplle is 10mg Disoolved under the tonggue
4 pillls20mg$4.99 per 10mg$39.95 in tootal
8 pills20mg$4.37 per 10mg$69.95 in totaal
30 pillls20mg$2.49 per 10mg$149.95 in total
60 pillls20mg$2.39 per 10mg$289.95 in tottal
100 pills20mg$1.98 per 10mg$399.95 in tootal
Reaad more!!
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