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re: Here it comes

From: Kathrine Cantrell
Subject: re: Here it comes
Date: Two, 21 Feb 2006 23:31:53 +0480

The Word Is Out, SBBD Gets Ready To Climb

SBBD is starting to brew as market campaign draws closer.

Pr ofiled:  Sunrise Broadband Group, Inc.
3 Week Low: $1.50
Tuesday Close: $2.50
Volume: UP
INTEREST:  Pre Climb Alert

Overvie w:

Today activity on S B B D began to stir as information spreads concerning 
the strategic position this developing company has established. 

They have acquired $10.5 Million in assets with X-Stream TV Networks.
These assets include patent rights, other intellectual property rights, 
international distribution, marketing and licensing rights for 
"MEGAPOWERSAVER" (www.megapowersaver.com) and certain other consumer and 
broadband related products. "MEGAPOWERSAVER" is a device that allows a 
household to improve energy efficiency. Since its formation, X-Stream has 
sold more than 300,000 units worldwide of "MEGAPOWERSAVER." By installing 
this device, a home could realize savings between 10% to 30% on its monthly 
utility bill.

"The transaction with X-Stream broadens the Company's Business Plan to provide 
an array of consumer-based products to our targeted service areas, as well as 
providing potential revenue opportunities worldwide," said Calvin D. Smiley, 
Sr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Broadband Group.

While SBBD has been acquiring further assets and positioning the company. 
They have also contracted "Emerging Growth Stocks Inc." to develop and run 
a campaign to promote investment ops among brokerages and investors. This 
campaign, expected to begin at the close of Feb. will be the spark to start 
the fire that fuels the price climb that you need to be aware.

Now Is The Time:

this company has already climbed from $1.50 to today’s close of $2.50 in just 
the last three weeks. the volume started to climb today and we expect to see 
it take off this week with those who want to get in while the price is 
still low.

We feel this stock will climb to well over the $5 range within the first 
few weeks of this campaign, and to the high $9's over the next few months.

SBBD, that’s our big pick for the week.

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