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From your home,

From: Lindsey
Subject: From your home,
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 06:43:33 -0800

Hello Bug-dap!.!
BuyItSafe INC.

International escrow company provides the unique opportunity for part-time or 
full-time job.
This is not a marketing, no initial expenses!
Don't miss your chance to make an extra profits.
Our vacancies 

We are an escrow company that specializes in sales since 2001.We are looking 
for financial assistants who will be responsible to accept payments from 
clients through Paypal, money order or personal check since these are the most 
popular methods of payment, but is not available in several regions of Europe. 

Paypal protects sensitive information using state-of-the-art encryption, so 
your data is not available to anyone Paypal's risk models help detect and 
predict fraudulent transactions-before they affect the business. PayPal also 
fights chargebacks. You can make 10% commission from every transfer you will 
receive through your Paypal account in relation to our business. The rest needs 
to be transferred to our company's representative by Western Union, all Western 
Union and PayPal fees are paid by us.On average you will be making 1500 USD a 
week. To begin working together we will need your resume and contact 
information, sent to 

PLEASE REPLY TO: address@hidden

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conformation communal axis.

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