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From: Lennox Otani
Subject: Re: PHARMtfyACY
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 02:13:19 -0400

V h I p A e G f R h A o $3 , 33
X g A z N i A c X p
M g E d R s I w D s I z A y
A r M h B p I o E e N l
C l I g A s L w I e S j $3 , 75
S t O i M z A z
V g A r L v I t U p M c $1 , 21
and many other ...

So did the doctor, and you violated them-Jesus, did you violate them! I dont gotta talk without my lawyer. Where the hell was Panovs lawyer? shouted Alex, thumping his cane on the floor. Thats not the way the system works, protested the patient, attempting to raise his eyebrows in indignation. Besides, I was good to

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