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Re: your PHAauwRM

From: Kevin Caesar
Subject: Re: your PHAauwRM
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 16:46:27 -0400

C o I g A g L c I d S z   o $ b 3 j , f 7 m 5 x
V q I o A o G y R r A d   s $ y 3 i , n 3 w 3 j
X k A w N d A b X w
V o A p L u I b U q M c   m $ o 1 k , k 2 k 1 n
S b A s V e E x   s O y V o E g R e   q 7 l 0 i % g   e W p I r T w H h   m O a U a R b   d S n H w O w P w ! f
run. Its all adolescent game playing. We either live together on this
planet or there is no planet. ... My only concern is Carlos. I want him
dead so I can go on living.
Of course, I personally agree with much of what you say, although
the adolescent games do keep some of us rather gracefully employed.
However, theres no way I could convince my more rigid superiors,

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