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Re: 790 paleto

From: Rolo Brashier
Subject: Re: 790 paleto
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 15:10:52 -0700

P R O Z ^ C
A M B / E N
C ? A L i S
V A L / U M
V ? A G R A
X ^ N A X
M E R ? D i A
S O M ^
L E V ? T R A

The day after the battle with the spiders Bilbo and the dwarves made
one last despairing effort to find a way out before they died of hunger
and thirst. They got up and staggered on in the direction which eight
out of the thirteen of them guessed to be the one in which the path lay;
but they never found out if they were right. Such day as there ever was
in the forest was fading once more into the blackness of night, when

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