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Re: 959 CtzALLlS

From: Vlasi Jolicoeur
Subject: Re: 959 CtzALLlS
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 01:54:44 -0700

P R O Z & C
V \ A G R A
X & N A X
S O M &
M E R \ D i A
V A L \ U M
C \ A L i S
A M B \ E N
L E V \ T R A

Then the great spider, who had been busy tying him up while he dozed,
came from behind him and came at him. He could only see the thingss
eyes, but he could feel its hairy legs as it struggled to wind its
abominable threads round and round him. It was lucky that he had come to
his senses in time. Soon he would not have been able to move at all. As
it was, he had a desperate fight before he got free. He beat the

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