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From: Ira Nicholson
Subject: rendition
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 20:13:48 +0100

Here at World Stock Report we work on what we here from the
We Told you to WATCH  A B S Y  and now its up again today.
A B S Y  is a high growth issue and should be purchased by stock
traders and those that can afford to make quick money on these
fast moving issues.
Remember the gains from our recent "S t r o n g  B u y"
Here is a special company that may be set to make a move in
the near future - this could be your opportunity to be ahead
of the curve!
Our mission is to claw our way through the thousands of
underperforming companies out there to find the golden needle
in the haystack.

Trading Date : 7 Jun 2006
Symbol : A B S Y Timing is everything!
Yes, it looks like the momentum has started up again.
Current Price : $0.95
8 Day Trading Projection : $1
Market Performance : 200-400%

When this Stock moves - WATCH OUT!

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