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Moral? Love? Humanism? Just a beautifull sound of blood streaming from t

From: dpalc
Subject: Moral? Love? Humanism? Just a beautifull sound of blood streaming from the warm pet's body
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 04:48:41 -0700
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International Organization for the Animal Protection (OIPA)

China domestic dogs and cats are raised to be killed for their fur
Sign up letter to Chineese government!

When you first visit our petition-page you will find a link to video files of this cruelty.

VERY IMPORTANT: We ask people with unstable nervouss-system not to watch this, and don't give children to watch this as well!

Here is the full letter to:

" His Excellency, Hu Jintao - President of the People's Republic of China and Chinese Embassies worldwide.

Your Excellency, Dear Ambassador,

I have just learned that in China domestic dogs and cats are raised and killed for their fur.
The fur products are exported to countries where consumers may purchase them unaware that they are purchasing the result of pain and suffering of domestic dogs and cats.
I respectfully urge you to make enforceable animal protection laws a priority, in particular, I implore you to immediately enact laws to ban dog/cat fur trade.
Please stop this cruel slaughter of dogs and cats.

Yours sincerely, ? "

If you are are agree with us - enter your name, Sign up this letter, maybe it will help to save one small, beautifull cat or someone's best dog-friend.


"Remember who you are, and nobody will tell you what are you."


We remind you that the information you provide are collected and treated according to the law, only for OIPA purposes. You can contact us anytime in case you wish to see, modify or oppose to the data treatment.

© 2006 "OIPA"

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