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Optimus Case Study: Innovative Managed HR Solutions

From: Reese Bogle
Subject: Optimus Case Study: Innovative Managed HR Solutions
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 12:04:29 -0500

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  Case Study: Top Three HR Challenges and How Innovative Businesses Solve Them

Challenge #1: Costs
HR costs are on the rise because of its labor intensiveness, exposure to human error, and need for constant training, program maintenance, and staff specialization.

Solution: Many businesses are implementing real-time online employee/manager managed benefits administration services, which feature end-user controlled payroll check verification, reporting, printing, and distribution automatic accounting updates and payment of tax liabilities, schedule processing, and reconciliation of all vendor payments (401(k), medical dental, etc.) These features limit labor costs assure compliance, and reduce potential errors and delays.

Challenge #2: Compliance
As new laws and regulations are passed in areas like privacy, HR is becoming increasingly complex, requiring ongoing and vigilant compliance with new laws and regulations.

Solution: Using a fully integrated online payroll and HR management system, a firm can process payrolls directly on the web by entering data through a wide array of options. Instantaneously the client reports are e-mailed to them for verification and modifications. New portals are customized and continually updated with the latest laws, regulations, and compliance features effecting businesses like privacy, employment, and medical care.

Challenge #3: Coverage
The quality and coverage of a firm's benefits offerings are constantly under pressure as insurance costs rise, programs are squeezed, and workforces become increasingly complex.

Solution: Many small businesses or businesses with short-term, part-time, or contract employees are searching for a less expensive way to provide benefits to these employees. They are increasingly turning to Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs), which allow a company to provide branded services in an outsourced, fully automated, and significantly discounted model that provides benefits without increasing overhead.


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