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Porting DDD to 2011

From: Giovanni Campagna
Subject: Porting DDD to 2011
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 15:02:34 +0200

As an hobbyist programmer and regional IOI contestant, I found that a
debugger is one of my best friends. Of course, gdb is somehow spiky to
use directly, so I learned to use and love DDD.
DDD has some unique features, in particular in the data visualization
part, but now it needs some UI refresh to be up to date and up to the
Not only porting to Gtk+ (possibly GTK3 and cairo, or even Clutter for
the data display), but also adapting to the GNOME HIG (and possibly
integrating fully with the GNOME Developer Stack, like Anjuta and

Since I saw from Savannah that this is a desired goal for DDD, I'd
like to contribute, but I need some information about current
maintainers to contact, source tree (SVN looks dead, a migration to
GIT would be appreciated), coding language and style, patch and
copyright policies and other relevant details.

Hope to start hacking soon,

Giovanni Campagna

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