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[Bug-ddrescue] Re: Using ddrescue for the opposite purpose?

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Re: Using ddrescue for the opposite purpose?
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 18:06:31 +0100
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Michael Haardt wrote:
I am looking for a program that:
employs a log to store which sectors could not be erased and will not
get confused about the file position upon write errors.  It should use
the log to retry previously unerasable sectors without going again over
already erased sectors.

Gnu ddrescue stores in the logfile info about the unreadable blocks, but nothing about the blocks already read. There is no efficient way to erase only the good blocks, except erasing them as they are read. This implies opening the input file r/w, and can lead to an unrecoverable disaster if the system crashes in the middle of a rescue.

Also, a sector may produce several read failures before being successfully read, and later be impossible to erase.

I think the changes you want are a bad idea for the stability of ddrescue, so I wont implement them. If you think otherwise, please, send me a patch.

Of course, a different program could use the logfile from ddrescue to erase the input file, but I don't know about the existence of such a program.

Antonio Diaz.

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