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[Bug-ddrescue] Slowness during recovery

From: James W. Watts
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] Slowness during recovery
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 17:58:36 -0800 (PST)

Hello all,

I kicked off a recovery this morning of a 200GB IDE hard drive. I issued the following command:

sudo ddrescue -v -n /dev/sdb /media/wd500gb/blc.img /media/wd500gb/blc.log

As you can see below, it is going very slowly. After running all day, it has recovered less than 2GB from the drive. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have started and stopped ddrescue several times and rebooted, unplugged/plugged the drives several times, too. But it continues to be slow.

I keep waiting for ddrescue to just leapfrog past the bad area(s) it is obviously stuck in, but it just keeps slogging away. How can I make it go faster?

At this rate it would take months for the drive to finish recovery.

Thank you,


Here's the screen output so far...

About to copy 200049 MBytes from /dev/sdb to /media/wd500gb/blc.img
    Starting positions: infile = 0 B,  outfile = 0 B
    Copy block size: 128 hard blocks
Hard block size: 512 bytes
Max_retries: 0   
Direct: no    Sparse: no    Split: no    Truncate: no

Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Initial status (read from logfile)
rescued:     1660 MB,  errsize:    215 kB,  errors:       1
Current status
rescued:     1756 MB,  errsize:    284 kB,  current rate:      445 B/s
   ipos:     1757 MB,   errors:       2,    average rate:    14868 B/s
   opos:     1757 MB
Copying data...
Interrupted by user

And the corresponding log file...

# Rescue Logfile. Created by GNU ddrescue version 1.9
# current_pos  current_status
0x68BB0E00     ?
#      pos        size  status
0x00000000  0x617DC000  +
0x617DC000  0x00004400  *
0x617E0400  0x00000200  -
0x617E0600  0x00010000  *
0x617F0600  0x00000200  -
0x617F0800  0x00020000  *
0x61810800  0x0727F800  +
0x68A90000  0x00000C00  *
0x68A90C00  0x00000200  -
0x68A90E00  0x00010000  *
0x68AA0E00  0x00110000  +
0x68BB0E00  0x2E2B285200  ?

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