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Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Slowness during recovery

From: colo
Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Slowness during recovery
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 12:09:36 -0500

Question: did you open the dmg afterwards to find any data? 
I tried this last night 

sudo ./ddrescue -B -v -r0 -n --cluster-size=40 /dev/rdisk2 /Volumes/Lacie/tentry/work.dmg work.log

And it really looked like it was moving this time around, but then I noticed that it had 0 errors and this morning I wake to find that it has created a dmg larger than the bad harddrive it's self. 
And double clicking to open it gives me a warning message of 
The disk image you are opening may be damaged and could damage your system.

So I will try and open it on a different computer but first have to back that up.

0x765EE45E00     ?
#      pos        size  status
0x00000000  0x765EE45E00  +
0x765EE45E00          -1  ?

Did I finally just screw this hard drive over?

sudo ddrescue -v -d -n --cluster-size=10 --input-position=500MB /dev/sdc /media/sea500gb/tony.img /media/sea500gb/tony.log

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Any thoughts as to why ddrescue would not respond to CTRL-C? The only way I could get it to exit was to unplug the drive and make it think the drive didn't exist any more.

Also, regarding the other switches/parameters that can be set with ddrescue...when is it recommended to use the "-t (truncate)" switch? What does it do exactly? Advantages, disadvantages?



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