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Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Feature Request: Introduce parameter to skip "slow" (

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Feature Request: Introduce parameter to skip "slow" (still readable) sectors during first pass, if reading speed is below x kByte/s
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 17:46:19 +0200
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Felix Ehlermann wrote:
1) Minimum reading speed / jump threshold

I have a first implementation that treats slow areas just like partially damaged areas and skip over them in the first pass. It uses a new option (-a, --min-read-speed)(suggestions about what letter to use as short name are welcome).

"-a 0" jumps if current speed < (average speed / 10).
"-a N" jumps if current speed < N bytes/s. (where N > 0).
Default is not to jump over slow areas.

I expect to release a test version of ddrescue next week.

2) Jump size

Currently ddrescue uses the same jumping algorithm for slow areas and damaged areas. Lets see how well it works before adding yet another option.

3) Disable relocation of bad sectors?

I think Burkart and Kim have answered to this better than I can. :-)

4) Disable read-ahead

Try the -d, --direct option of ddrescue.

Best regards,

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