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Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Feature Suggestion: Automatic Cooldown mode

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Feature Suggestion: Automatic Cooldown mode
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2014 01:21:13 +0100
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David Deutsch wrote:
It could also be useful to have the final logfile to see where are the 
unrecoverable errors.

Alright, I will try to keep that in mind. If I fail to do that, feel
free to remind me, as I would be happy to share.

I have just noted it in the todo list of ddrescue. Thanks.

First, the error count had been at 26460 before and starting the
command with -A made it jump to 40691:

This is normal. For example, every -*- sequence, which counts as one error, is converted to -?- which counts as two errors. (There are 40689 bad-sector areas in the logfile).

It is quite slow right now, but I suppose that is because I had
already gone over that area of the drive without the -A option and
there aren't any large sectors left in the beginning. Once it does
find one of the good sectors, it does seem faster already, though. So
overall, it's about the same speed, it just switches between 0 B/s and
even hundreds of kB/s at times.

I think what was making ddrescue slow before the -A was the reading of enormous non-trimmed areas sector by sector. To avoid the recreation of such areas, I have just modified ddrescue to not mark skipped blocks as non-trimmed, but try them in additional passes (before trimming), just as in the case of slow reads.

You can find the modified version here:

Try it with your current logfile, without giving it the -A option again.

I hope it will speed up your rescue.

The other observation is not strictly for you - but having
ddrescueview running on the side and marking everything as non-tried
was a little bit of a shocker, because the color for that is a dark
gray. For some reason, that looks even worse than the red for the Bad
Sectors - like these blocks aren't just bad, they're already dead!
Just my two cents, but maybe a lighter color is the better choice
here, since we're assuming those blocks to be fresh for checking?

I do not maintain ddrescueview, but surely Martin is reading this. ;-)

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