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Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Slow reads for x time to exit and whitespace skipping

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] Slow reads for x time to exit and whitespace skipping
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2017 14:11:39 +0100
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Hi Cameron,

Cameron Andrews wrote:
What do you think about Paul Daniels' idea of resetting the slow reads
count if read speed rises above the threshold again?

I think this would be the best approach and would solve the problem nicely.

I have added the option '--reset-slow' that implements this behavior. I hope this is what you want. You can find the modified version at http://download-mirror.savannah.gnu.org/releases/ddrescue/ddrescue-1.22-rc3.tar.lz

I haven't tried the --log-events functionality yet, perhaps this logs
the errno and errors as well?

No, it just logs the start of each pass and the end of run. It is mainly for timing purposes.

Skipping the empty parts of the drive will have to wait until 1.23. I also will need more feedback about how should ddrescue decide if a block is empty.

Thank you very much for your donation.

Best regards,

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