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[Bug-ddrescue] How to restore just a single partition of a multi-partiti

From: Shahrukh Merchant
Subject: [Bug-ddrescue] How to restore just a single partition of a multi-partition image file?
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 14:29:47 -0300
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I have a ddrescue-generated "fulldrive.img" file of a complete 1 TB drive comprising 4 partitions - C: (200 GB Win7 OS) G:(800 GB Data) (and 2 other recovery/OEM partitions that are not important for this discussion).

I have a current system with a new 2 TB drive installed with the same 4 partitions, except that C: and G: are slightly larger (250 GB and 1000 GB respectively) and there is some unallocated space.

The C: partition is the OS System partition and is corrupt (though bootable, if barely--various system files are missing). I would like to restore just that C: partition from the fulldrive.img backup without touching the G: partition on the new 2TB drive.

I cannot see a straightforward way to do this in ddrescue--can someone help? Even if I manage to mount just the C: partition within the fulldrive.img file somehow (using mount with an offset, I believe, though I have never done this), and then use ddrescue to "clone" that mounted partition to the desired C: partition on the 2 TB drive, I'm skeptical (or at least wary) that that will result in a bootable system partition on the new drive.

I know I can also do it with a 3-stage process:
        ddrescue from fulldrive.img to a "spare" 1 TB drive
        ddrescue just from the resulting C: partition to cpartition.img
        ddrescue from cpartition.img to just the C: partition of the 2 TB drive
but that seems rather a brute force and time consuming approach and it seems that there must be a simpler way!

As a clarification, all drives in questions are completely good (at a hardware and partition level), as is the ddrescue fulldrive.img file. I am using ddrescue strictly as a cloning/backup/restore resource in this case, not for recovery from a failing drive.

Any solution that I'm not seeing? A Google search didn't turn up anything clear either.



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