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Re: [bug-ddrescue] domain map file cannot just be "valid" areas

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [bug-ddrescue] domain map file cannot just be "valid" areas
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 15:44:18 +0200
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Shaya Potter wrote:
What might also be useful if a bad file is passed in with -m to provide
a suggestion that one might want the loose one along with the error?

This may require some work because the function reading the mapfile (and printing the error message) is common to ddrescue and ddrescuelog, and does not know what will be the use of the mapfile that it is reading.

For the moment I have added a "reason of the error" to the error message. In this concrete case it now says:

  ddrescuelog: Error in mapfile, line %d: Blocks are not contiguous.

which I expect will make clearer that --loose-domain may be needed.

Best regards,

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