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[Bug-dejagnu] expect 'spawn' failure on nt4.0 system.

From: Mark O'Donohue
Subject: [Bug-dejagnu] expect 'spawn' failure on nt4.0 system.
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 00:05:40 +1000
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Hi Rob

I hope this is the right place for it, I've looked around at bit first :-).

I've been using dejagnu on linux for a while, now Im trying it on the win32 port of Firebird our opensource (ex interbase) relational database. (Borland released the source but kept the test suite).

Im using the current (as of last night) cygwin expect but I get a problem.

When the expect shell ends it kills the current command window as well,

for instance the following file:

cat > test2.exp
spawn bash
send "ls\r"

$expect test2.exp

Will close the command window as well.

If I put it in background

$expect test2.exp &

then I get to keep my command window .

Im not sure if its related or not but when I directly run DOS programs, the spawn statment doesn't seem to return until the DOS program finishes. However I can curently work arround this by doing a "spawn bash" and then send "isql\r" to run the DOS commands.

I sent this here, since it seemed that you did the cygwin port of expect (and BTW, a big thanks very much for that) and for dejagnu in general.



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