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Re: [Bug-dejagnu] running "make check" for dejagnu-1.4.2.tar.gz distribu

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Bug-dejagnu] running "make check" for dejagnu-1.4.2.tar.gz distribution
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 22:08:50 -0600
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On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 04:09:45PM +0200, Harald Vogt wrote:

> did not pass all tests.  It failed in
> Running  ./testsuite/runtest.all/stats.exp ...
> I could pass the test.
  The patch for this in in CVS. It's a minnor, but irritating bug.

> One additional action which for me was necessary before running "make
> check":
> I had to add to my PATH environment variable the path to $PREFIX/bin to
> avoid

  Hum... That I'll have to look into. Just as a question, did you do your
build in the source directoy, or in a seperate subdirectory for objects
and executables ?

        - rob -

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