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[Bug-dejagnu] Amish Made Handcrafted Products

Subject: [Bug-dejagnu] Amish Made Handcrafted Products
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 00:46:06 -0500

The Amish are known worldwide for their simple lifestyle and their quality 
workmanship. Amish Loom Works combines these two qualities together in the 
"Original Amish Loom TM." 

The Amish Loom TM is a unique, handmade, easy to use product made of Northern 
Michigan native hardwoods--Mountain Ash with Hickory twig handles and Hickory 
pegs. It is designed to create high quality sweaters, scarves, throws, rugs and 
other hand-made products.

The Amish Loom TM is a hand craft folk art that enables knitters, beginners, 
hobbyists, professional weavers and textile designers to do many type of 
traditional off-loom weaving and knitting with greater accuracy and simplicity 
than ever before. The Amish Loom TM makes it possible for even the most 
experienced weaver/knitter, or someone with no handicraft experience and no 
particular manual dexterity, to make beautiful, stylish clothes and decorative 
accessories. It is fast and easy to design your own pieces, and patterns. It is 
easy to size garments, and it is easy to learn a basic collection of various 
stitches quickly.

You can find details on the "Original Amish Loom TM" at 

The new Amish-made adjustable rack is a versatile display rack and shelf that 
adjusts from 55" to 74" high. It folds down to just 6 inches deep for easy 
moving. This rack is perfect for using with the Amish Loom TM to position the 
loom in a higher position while working on larger projects (such as rugs and 
afghans) The Amish-made adjustable rack can be used to display multiple afghans 
and quilts, or add the shelf to display candles, photos or other tabletop 
display items.

You can find details on the AMISH RACK at http://www.amishloom.com/Rack.html.

The Amish Home Cooking Cookbook should be a staple in any kitchen library. The 
cookbook features 228 pages of Recipes and Thoughts from Amish kitchens.

The cookbook includes 617 Amish Family recipes that have been passed down for 
generations. They are simple, easy-to-make meals, desserts and snacks your 
family will love. The cookbook includes directions for canning fruits and 
vegetables, making syrups and preserving meats and families. You will love the 
hundreds of recipes. The book also includes thoughts about raising children, 
taking care of the earth and the people we love. 

You can find details on the AMISH HOME COOKING COOKBOOK at 

The Amish Loom web site, www.AmishLoom.com, includes information about the 
Amish and their history along with step by step instructions for using the 
Amish Loom TM. 

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