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[Bug-dejagnu] 1.4.2 cmd-line

From: Wolfgang Pichler
Subject: [Bug-dejagnu] 1.4.2 cmd-line
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:19:40 +0200

please re-insert some sort of THIS code (cowardly stolen from some older
runtest.exp) into runtest.exp of 1.4.2 and onwards if missing.

otherwise dejagnu's 'make check' won't work :-)
AND MORE BAD : many others seem to rely on this code to work ...


        "[A-Z]*=*" { # process makefile style args like CC=gcc, etc...
            if [regexp "^(\[A-Z_\]+)=(.*)$" $option junk var val] {
                set $var $val
                verbose "$var is now $val"
                append makevars "set $var $val;" ;# FIXME: Used
                unset junk var val
            } else {
                send_error "Illegal variable specification:\n"
                send_error "$option\n"

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