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[Bug-dejagnu] DejaGnu 1.4.3 incorrectly runs tests twice

From: Ravi Nanavati
Subject: [Bug-dejagnu] DejaGnu 1.4.3 incorrectly runs tests twice
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 12:46:57 -0500
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We've been using DejaGnu 1.4.3 (via the dejagnu 1.4.3-1 package from Debian unstable) to build a testsuite and we recently discovered a problem when we extend our testsuite to add a third level of hierarchy to our directory structure.

To be specific, I've attached a tarball with the following stricture
dejagnutest/ (top-level directory)
config/unix.exp (OS config file - empty)
lib/foo.exp (tool config file - empty)
foo.test/bar/baz/test.exp (test script - just logs a string)

When I execute "runtest --tool foo" in the dejagnutest directory the test.exp script is incorrectly run twice (as you can see from DejaGnu's output or from the log file.

When I downgrade to DejaGnu 1.4.2 from Debian stable, the problem is fixed (the test script is only run once, as expected).

If you need additional information to debug this problem, please let me know.

Thank you,

 - Ravi Nanavati

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