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[Bug-dejagnu] [BUG] Quotes problem in calling rsh from script

From: Deepak Barua
Subject: [Bug-dejagnu] [BUG] Quotes problem in calling rsh from script
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 16:55:02 +0530

Hi Everybody,
                     This seems to be the error
ERROR: tcl error sourcing
ERROR: extra characters after close-quote
   while compiling
"set status [catch "exec cat $inp | $RSH $rsh_useropts $hostname "sh
-c" '$cmd $pargs \\; echo XYZ\\\${?}ZYX' |& cat" output]
   verbose "$RSH output ..."
   (compiling body of proc "rsh_exec", line 50)
   invoked from within

The '-c' or the '-f' option in rm -f gets interpreted as a option to
the 'rsh' program when actually it is meant for the command to be
executed after 'rsh' is executed ...

So i have included a patch which escapes the option characters ...

address@hidden:/dejagnu-1.4.4$ ./config.guess

I have also attached the config.log and the patch i have made to
correct this error.

Hope this is useful


Hack Hack Hack

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