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Re: [Bug-dejagnu] [PATCH] remote_expect: Pass "break" and "continue" exc

From: Maciej W. Rozycki
Subject: Re: [Bug-dejagnu] [PATCH] remote_expect: Pass "break" and "continue" exceptions up
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 16:16:10 +0000 (GMT)
User-agent: Alpine 1.10 (DEB 962 2008-03-14)

Hi Ben,

> >  My proposal therefore is to simplify the return path from
> > remote_expect and except from keeping the current special handling
> > of the error exception intact, pass all the other conditions expect
> > might have produced up to the caller.  Below is the proposed
> > implementation.  It makes a loop like above behave as expected.
> I agree that remote_expect should behave as similar to expect as
> possible to adhere to the principle of least surprise.  I will apply
> your patch now, thanks.

 Excellent!  Thanks a lot.  I'll work on a similar change to gdb_expect 
then.  Good luck with your daughter!


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