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[Bug-dejagnu] Setting gdb_opts

From: Jeremy Bennett
Subject: [Bug-dejagnu] Setting gdb_opts
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2013 09:36:28 +0000

I'm testing a new GDB port (arc-linux-uclibc-gdb), using gdbserver.
Since this is running tests remotely, I need to ensure that sysroot is
set in the client GDB. Looking at the documentation, I thought I could
do this with:

        set_board_info gdb_opts "-x $env(ARC_GDB_COMMFILE)"

where the referred to command file contains:

        set sysroot /opt/arc-4.4-gdb-7.5/arc-linux-uclibc

However, when I run the tests, the option is not added to the GDB
command line. When I look at gdb.exp, I see it uses:

        [host_info gdb_opts]

to access the value, rather than

        [target_info gdb_opts]

Since, set_board_info associates the value with the target board, not
the host, the value of gdb_opts is not detected. So instead I have to

        set board_info([get_local_hostname],gdb_opts) "-x 

Is this what was intended (it is not documented)? I think the reference
in gdb.exp should use [target_info].

Best wishes,


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