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Re: [Bug-dejagnu] BUG: improper format string construction in framework.

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: Re: [Bug-dejagnu] BUG: improper format string construction in framework.exp
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 23:17:33 -0500
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Andreas Schwab wrote:
On Okt 28 2018, Jacob Bachmeyer <address@hidden> wrote:
diff --git a/lib/framework.exp b/lib/framework.exp
index 6cb93c5..50ac757 100644
--- a/lib/framework.exp
+++ b/lib/framework.exp
@@ -800,7 +800,7 @@ proc record_test { type message args } {
global multipass_name
     if { $multipass_name != "" } {
-       set message [format "$type: %s: $message" "$multipass_name"]
+       set message [format "%s: %s: %s" "$type" "$multipass_name" "$message"]

What's the point of using format in the first place?

          set message "$type: $multipass_name: $message"

That code is ancient and was in the initial commit in whatever became the DejaGnu Git repository. I presume that some version of Tcl does not correctly interpolate variables if the name contains underscore. Using concat (another option I had considered) is not correct because concat inserts spaces between its arguments.

I am currently seeking to improve DejaGnu's testsuite to actually check this mode. I plan to write documentation patches for MULTIPASS and document a hot-patch that testsuites can use to fix this bug at run-time when using older DejaGnu. (As of this writing, "older DejaGnu" appears to be every release, ever, that had support for MULTIPASS.)

The DejaGnu testsuite appears to have some strange bugs. In particular, testsuite/runtest.all/options.exp overwrites the site.exp file that the Automake-generated rules produce and using "--tool runtest" causes the final summary to fail to be printed with an expect error: "send: spawn id exp0 not open" when {clone_output "\n\t\t=== $tool Summary ===\n"} is run during log_and_exit. Bizarrely, it works fine if --tool is not given. Perhaps it is actually an expect bug? But I do not have similar problems with other testsuites, only DejaGnu itself. Fixing this is necessary to test MULTIPASS, because DejaGnu cannot run both single-pass and multiple-pass tests in the same run and Automake needs to test different tools to run DejaGnu more than once.


Overwriting site.exp appears to actually be important, because the DejaGnu testsuite needs srcdir to be .../dejagnu/testsuite and Automake sets srcdir to .../dejagnu; thus the need for "--srcdir $(srcdir)/testsuite" in RUNTESTDEFAULTFLAGS in Makefile.am. How best to fix this misintegration with Automake?

What is different between DejaGnu runs with the --tool option given and runs without it?

How do the DejaGnu instances run by options.exp know to not actually run the testsuite, which would lead to infinite recursion?


For those interested: the hot-patch is six lines of Tcl, hereby placed under GPLv2+ if it is non-trivial enough to matter (thus compatible with every affected use of DejaGnu) (DejaGnu has already accepted the patch under GPLv3+, so this is an additional permission to cover all cases with the older releases that were GPLv2+)

if { [regexp {%s: \$message} [info body record_test]] } {
   proc record_test [info args record_test] \
        [regsub -line {format "\$type: %s: \$message" "\$multipass_name"} \
             [info body record_test] \
             {format "%s: %s: %s" "$type" "$multipass_name" "$message"} ]

It must be placed into an init file, preferably the tool init file for each 
affected tool.

-- Jacob

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