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bug#41585: Default value of "libdir" is incorrect

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#41585: Default value of "libdir" is incorrect
Date: Thu, 28 May 2020 18:13:04 -0500
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I have finally replicated an issue (where stats.exp mysteriously failed on his machine but passes on mine) Rob Savoye had mentioned in private emails a few times and it has an impressively bizarre actual trigger: the inner runtest(1) invocations from testsuite/runtest.main/stats.exp fail to start unless the DejaGnu sources were checked out into a directory literally named 'dejagnu' (all lowercase, without the quotes). The inner runtest(1) invocations for the options.exp tests are not affected because they do not actually run any tests and options.exp matches the output it checks before runtest(1) prepares to run tests.

The problem is that the inner testsuite used for stats.exp is very minimal and this causes DejaGnu to search "libdir" (which is set incorrectly in runtest.exp) for a default configuration in runtest.exp:load_tool_target_config. The runtest.exp file is located in the correct libdir, whether in a source checkout or installed, but the code in runtest.exp currently expects runtext.exp to be LPREFIX/SOMETHING/runtest.exp and sets libdir to LPREFIX/dejagnu. If the sources are checked out in a 'dejagnu' directory, this happens to work. If DejaGnu is installed, this happens to work (runtest.exp is placed in PREFIX/share/dejagnu by default). If the sources are in any other directory, this does not work.

Report filed to get a bug number to go with the fix. Thanks to Rob Savoye for mentioning the test failures.

-- Jacob

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