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bug#41824: Dejagnu's unknown proc aborts testsuite run when triggered in

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: bug#41824: Dejagnu's unknown proc aborts testsuite run when triggered in test-case
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 23:05:33 -0500
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Tom de Vries wrote:

the gdb testsuite uses the dejagnu framework.

Apologies for the delay in responding; I took a few days to think about this issue because it requires a careful balance, as silently continuing after aborting a testcase could cause errors to go unnoticed in large testsuites.

If I add a call to foobar at the end of a test-case in that testsuite,
and I do a run of the testsuite, then the test-case aborts, and
subsequently the testsuite run aborts, that is, no further tests are run.

While it is as expected that the test-case aborts, it's not desirable
that the testsuite run aborts.

The main problem I have with this is that calling an unknown procedure is presumably a very serious error. Aborting the entire run is a good way to ensure that the problem is noticed, but perhaps with a testsuite as large (and long-running) as the GDB testsuite has become, continuing may also be reasonable to salvage at least some results.

Where in the GDB testsuite is this a problem? When is it appropriate to continue after such a serious error? How to ensure that the error is not buried in the logs amidst the normal output from other tests and is actually noticed?

We've installed a hack in ${tool}_init/${tool}_finish to workaround this
in the gdb testsuite (

It would preferable though if this problem was addressed in dejagnu,
such that we can eventually remove the hack.

That hack (if not reverted entirely) needs to be made conditional on the actual existence of ::tcl_unknown as soon as possible -- the existence of ::tcl_unknown (kept to allow Tcl autoloading to work) is very much an internal implementation detail, and it *will* be moved out of the global namespace and eventually *will* cease to exist entirely in the interpreters that run testcases. Really, tcl_unknown is not supposed to be there and relying on it introduces a latent bug into the GDB testsuite.

I am sorry, and I will seek to work with you to fix these problems with a minimum of breakage, but I have to put my foot down on this: I *cannot* treat every internal symbol as long-term stable API. That hack will *not* be supported long-term. Any GDB releases that include it *will* break with some as-yet-undetermined future DejaGnu release. I have to draw a line somewhere or I may as well declare DejaGnu unmaintained and frozen at 1.6.2 forever. I have no inclination to do the latter.

A possible solution to this problem could be to make the exiting on
error (which is done in dejagnu's version of proc unknown in
framework.exp) optional.

This is obviously a good solution, but leads to the obvious question of how (command-line option? (Make normally aborts on error, but has a --keep-going option.) configuration variable?) that should be determined, or if exit-on-unknown-procedure should ever be a default. Could simply reporting an UNRESOLVED test (indicating that the testcase script aborted due to calling an undefined command) be a better option? It would show up in the summary report at the end.

At first, I was planning to schedule this for the 1.7 series, but I checked and runtest.exp:runtest already catches Tcl errors, so fixing this does not require a significant change to the normal control flow. Would simply reporting an "UNRESOLVED: testcase $file aborted on unknown command '$what'" result, then propagating the Tcl error in the ::unknown proc be a workable solution?

-- Jacob

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